Well, well… First of all I am a non-professional photographer, and I do not pretend making gorgeous and wonderful photos. I just pretend taking photos and have good time when I take them. Photos speak for themselves.

You can seen my work on :

All the photos I post are, for me, at least good photos. Hope you like them :-)

The Rules or the Code

“These are not rules or code strictly speaking, but more… a kind of guide…”

Why rules or code, while I am not pro? Well it's simple, respecting the following we will make the photo session takes place in the best conditions and without surprises for all the worlds (photographer, model …) ;-)
The detailled rules, and why, are here. Here are the main.

for the photographer

  • At the model, the kind of pictures that will be realized, and how it is expected, will be said.
  • At the time I will be.
  • The session will be prepared.
  • Accepted and even recommended, is the escort.
  • Signed the model release will be.
  • Presented the progress will be before the session start.
  • Respected the model will be.
  • The last word, the model has.
  • No physical contact with th model there will be.
  • Quickly accused, the model will be, if the meeting is canceled.
  • Within a reasonable time, the pictures will be given to the model.

for the model and the escort

the model

  • At the time the model will be.
  • Ready for the session will be.
  • The model release will sign.
  • With an escort will come.
  • In his escort, photos that will be realized will say.
  • Quickly warned the photographer will be if the session he will not come.

the escort

  • Before the session, photos that will be made, informed, it will have been.
  • Discrete She will be.
  • Respected, will work on the model and the photographer.
  • Of his business will mingle ;-)


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